Dry My Hull

Florida Based Mobile Boat Core Drying Service

Dry My Hull was founded to give boat owners an alternative to the traditional practice of cutting out and recoring a fiberglass boat. There are many advantages to our process. Some of them are:

  • Time – An entire 40ft boat can be dried in 12-18 days which gets it back on the water faster than traditional methods
  • Retains Hull Integrity – Our process only requires the drilling of small holes to remove the trapped moisture, thus, maintaining your hull’s integrity and your boat’s value
  • Reduce or Eliminate Repair Costs – If the damage is extensive we can dry the areas around the damage to minimize the amount of the hull/core to be replaced

We’re Mobile

We Come to the Boat’s Location

Dry My Hull is completely mobile. All we require is the use of a 220 volt plug within 25ft of the boat or we can bring a generator. Our current service area is limited to Florida.

Our Process

The process to dry your hull is very similar to how moisture is removed in the aviation industry. Silicone pads are attached to the hull, a vacuum pump is used to hold the pad to the boat, the pads are then heated to between 150-194 degrees farenheit. This vaporizes the water and the vacuum pulls the vapor through the 1/8″ holes drilled into the hull. It takes anywhere from 6-16 hours to vaporize and remove the trapped water per pad location.


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